Kevin the Kindness Canine

Kevin is our kindness canine, who is taken home each weekend by a pupil who has shown an act of kindness.

Over the week, both pupils and staff nominate other children who do kind things without being asked to. 

At the end of the week the staff vote on who had the kindest act, and in assembly on Friday the winner is revealed!

Kevin also comes with a diary so if your child does come home with him, he likes to write about his adventures over the weekend, and he even brings a change of clothes!

Good luck children and keep being kind!!!


This weeks winner is...Anthony!

As he has been extremely kind to his peers and teaching staff. Anthony was very pleased to be taking Kind Kevin home
for the week!

Well done Anthony!

Here are our previous winners:

22/01/2016 - Lucy (As she
shared her toys with the
other children and kindly
allowed other children to
go ahead of her at the raffle ticket shop).

05/02/2016 Jacob (As he
has been very kind
and helpful this week,
especially good at sharing).

12/02/2016 Lucas (For
helping others and being
really kind all week).

26/02/2016 Kealan (As he
has been really kind to one
of the new, younger boys
and also helped his friend
with their maths).

04/03/2016 Alex (As he was really kind when he offered
to share his juice with his
friend who felt poorly).

11/03/2016 Tyler (As he has been helpful to adults and really kind to his friends).

18/03/2016 Geoffrey (As he
has been kind and nice all

23/03/2016 Declan (As he has been nice
and kind all week, he was also very kind
during our Conkers trip).

22/04/2016 Oliver (As he
had two nominations this
week - one for helping
another child when they
were hurt and another for sharing his
biscuits with another child! Oliver was over
the moon to be able to take Kevin home for
the weekend.)

(Click on each name to reveal why they won)

29/04/2016 Marcus (As he
has had a really kind week.
Marcus has been kind and
helpful to all the adults and he also gave some of his
cooking to another child
who missed the lesson.)

13/05/2016 Kayden (For
being really kind by looking
after Miss Young by getting
her lunch for her. Well done
Kayden, this was a very
kind gesture and very much appreciated!)

20/05/2016 Temari (For
giving Miller his Moshi
Monster to play with! Keep it up Temari!)

27/05/2016 Marshall (For
being nominated 4 times
this week for lots of kind
acts. Well done Marshall,
keep it up!)

17/06/2016 Alex (As he
kindly gave his teacher his
pen when hers had run out.
Miss Marsden was very
grateful! Well done Alex,
keep it up!!)

24/06/2016 Noah (As he
has been kind and helpful
to staff and given good
advice to children. Well
done Noah, keep it up!!)

01/07/2016 Ruqiyah (For
helping children in her class
and for also helping
younger children on the
playground. Well done
Ruqiyah, keep it up!!)

08/07/2016 Ashley (For helping out at lunchtime and getting drinks for the children.
Well done Ashley, keep it up!!)

15/07/2016 Marcus (He had a fantastic 6 nominations
from his teachers and
children as he has been
such a good, kind friend
this week. Well done
Marcus, keep it up!!)


22/07/2016 Miller (As he has been kind to other children and helpful to the adults.
Well done Miller, keep it up!!)

Temari had 4 nominations from different
people for being very helpful to the other
children, such as helping get a child down
from the climbing frame when they were
stuck. Well done Temari, keep it up!!

30/09/2016 Lucy (As she
has been really kind all
week and has especially
helped the adults. Well
done Lucy, keep it up!)

21/10/2016 Constantine (As he has been a really kind
friend to the children in his
class this week. Well done

18/11/2016 Liam (As he has been sharing and helped
someone when they were
upset. Well done Liam!)

25/11/2016 Rory (As he has been kind to the adults in
class and helped his friends too. Well done Rory!)