Complaints (Parents Guide)

Sharing your concerns about your child's education; A Parents Guide

Northern House School recognises that at times things can go wrong. This guidance will help you understand how to resolve concerns you may have about your child’s education.
The school has procedures for dealing with concerns or complaints and we value any feedback about our services, including compliments and suggestions. If you are concerned about any aspect of your child’s education, you should contact his/her class teacher at the school.
The school’s governing body has overall responsibility for the school and for ensuring the well-being of pupils and that all pupils receive an appropriate and high standard of education.
The headteacher is responsible for making decisions on a daily basis about the school’s internal management and organisation. So you should contact the school if you are concerned about an issue such as:

• your child’s academic progress

• your child’s academic progress

• special education needs provision

• your child’s welfare

• bullying

• something that has happened in school