Staff List


All Northern House School (Solihull) staff are carefully selected to ensure only the very best, aptly qualified and experienced professional staff are recruited to help the school and all its students achieve maximum potential. 

Leadership Team

Mr T Scott - Headteacher/DSL

Mr C White - Deputy Headteacher i/c Upper School

Mr M Richmond - Assistant Headteacher i/c Lower School 

Mrs J Green - SENCO


Teaching Staff

Mr M Price - Maths

Mrs D Chau - English

Miss C Tye - Science

Mr R Arnold - Humanities

Mr N Sood - Design Technology

Mr A Roberts - Art

Mr R Farrell - PE

Mrs K Merrick - ICT

Miss R Busby - Owls 

Miss L Wigley - Newts 

Mr J Birch - Eagles 

Miss A Conway - Woodpeckers 

Mrs J Blackwood - Voles


Ms Y Morrison - Food Technology


Pastoral Support

Mrs M Farrell - Attendance Lead & Pastoral Manager/DSL

Miss D Campbell-Williams - Pastoral Support (Outdoor Education)

Mr D Ellis - Pastoral Support (Careers)

Miss D Morrison - Pastoral Support (Food Tech Co-ordinator) - Maternity Leave

Mr M Taylor - Pastoral Support (After School Club Co-ordinator)

Miss T Spray - Pastoral Support (Primary) 


Classroom Support 

Miss S Salt - Assistant Teacher (Lower School - Kingfishers)

Miss R Toman - Assistant Teacher (Lower School - Owls)

Ms L Reid - Assistant Teacher (Lower School - Woodpeckers)

Mr S Singh-Nagra - Assistant Teacher (Lower School - Eagles)

Miss G Mitchell - Assistant Teacher (Lower School - Newts)

Mrs A Riley - Assistant Teacher (Upper School - Badgers) 

Mrs C Wakefield - Assistant Teacher (Pastoral Maternity Cover) 

Miss S Morrison - Assistant Teacher (Upper School - Foxes)

Mrs G Dale Roberts - Assistant Teacher (Upper School - Hedgehogs)  

Mrs N Fareed - Assistant Teacher (Upper School  - Otters) 

Miss N Moyens - Assistant Teacher (Upper School - Voles) 

Mr K Taylor - Assistant Teacher (Upper School - Boars) 

Miss K O'Neill - Assistant Teacher (Upper School - Stoats) Maternity Cover


Mrs L Daniels - LSA Secondary English & Maths

Mr D Roberts - Practical Subjects Technician/Exams Officer 

Administration Support 

Mr D Williscroft - School Business Manager 

Mrs J Finucane - Pupil Administrator & Receptionist


Site Team

Mr I Coffey - Site Manager

Mr I Manning - Deputy Site Manager

Mrs D Langley - Chef

Miss J Taylor - Cleaning Supervisor


All details correct as of  01/08/19 @ 9:42