Northern House School (Solihull) values the importance of careers education and guidance in a student’s progression through school and the transition beyond.

The school approaches careers through a variety of methods and inputs that include:

  • A structured careers education programme from year 7 onwards
  • Individual careers interviews
  • Employer events within school
  • Visits to local employers
  • Current careers information & Labour Market Information.

Students at Northern House (Solihull) school will be entitled to the following careers input:


The school careers education programme is delivered to students from year 7 onwards through PSHE, and will allow students to explore the three core areas of careers development, which are:

  • For students to understand themselves and the influences on them
  • To understand opportunities in learning and work
  • To make and adjust plans and to manage change and transition.

This is achieved by studying topics such as:

  • Self awareness
  • Skills analysis
  • Options after year 11
  • Producing a CV
  • Job search
  • Completing application forms
  • Career action planning

Parents & Carers

If you have a your own company or your place of work would like to be involved with contributing to the school’s careers programme then please contact the school.


Still undecided on the career path for you?

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