Hedgehogs Class Updates

Hedgehogs Class Experience the 'World of Work'

On Friday, Hedgehogs Class spent the day in the Bakery Department at Tesco New Oscott. The day began with a safety briefing and a tour of the Bakery.  The class then learned about the ingredients used to bake bread in a supermarket bakery. Next, they watched eagerly as the Bakery Manager demonstrated the bread  making process. The class were then given some freshly made dough and a free hand to make their bread creations.

While waiting for the their bread to prove then bake, the class took a well earned rest, they relaxed in the Tesco Colleagues Lounge and enjoyed a game of pool.

Before leaving, each pupil, sugared their own doughnut ready to take home, along with a cookie and of course their freshly baked bread. 

The class thoroughly enjoyed their work experience and did themselves and the school proud-well done Hedgehogs!