Yr6 Residential Trip (part 2) 22/05/2018

We have had a wonderful day 2 on our residential trip! We started off the day night and early at 6am as everyone was so eager to get the day started. Breakfast wast at 7:20, and we started our first activity (fencing)shortly afterwards.

Fencing was great, we all got dressed up in our special protective gear before practising with a partner. Everyone had a great time!

Next came night line, mr birch bravely took the lead on this am due lead everyone around the course blindfolded! It was nerve wracking but we all made it around the course safely and showed just how great a team we can be.

After lunch we did canoeing, this couldn't have come at a better time as the weather was beautiful! We played games in our boats and then at the end of the session got to have a go on the "canoe slide" mr Scott and Miss Campbell were brilliant at this!

We then had team tech where in teams we had to create the tallest tower, this took some serious team work and we almost managed to get them standing.

After dinner came aeroball, where we had to score goals in the other teams net for points whilst trampolining! What great fun that was!

Finally this evening we did the mystery trail, the teachers dressed up as characters in a murder mystery and we had to figure out who murdered the headteacher. Miss wigley managed to figure this one out and everyone worked brilliantly in a team.

Home tomorrow, we really are having the best time!