Yr6 Residential Trip (part 3) 23/05/2018

Day 3

We all awoke early for breakfast on our final day. After breakfast we had to make sure we were all packed and our cases were on the minibus, including Positive Poppy who wanted to sit and look out of the back of the minibus whilst we were driving.

Our first activity for the day was low ropes, we had to work together in groups of 3 or 4 to make sure that we were all safe. Each pupil had a go at completing the low ropes course and also being a 'spotter' to keep their friends safe. 

Next was 'Jungle Vines' this was so much fun! pupils had to walk a tightrope using the ropes above them, it was so high! Some pupils even chose to swing their way across the ropes. Everyone had a go at this and some people conquered their fear of heights!

After Jungle vines came our last meal at Kingswood, after this we went to the shop to spend our money before heading back to the minibus where we said our goodbyes to Alan our residential leader. 

What a fun trip we had!!