Frequently Asked Questions - Tiree Trip

Can I bring my mobile phone or other electronic device?

  • No, it likely to cause distress if damaged or misplaced.
  • It is also one of our school rules for all school activities.

What happens if I have a medical issue whilst on the trip?

  • We have first aiders amongst our staff group.
  • We will have a spare car available.
  • There is a doctor’s surgery on the island.

What if my clothes get muddy or wet?

  • There is a washing machine and tumble dryer in the Alan Stevenson House where we are staying.

I am a bit picky when it comes to food, will there be stuff that I like?

  • We will be having a set menu, but the staff at the house are very good with additional requirements and happy to be as flexible as possible. We will be taking an emergency tin of beans if all else fails!
  • We have requested a sample menu to forward onto you to give you an idea. We will do so once we receive it.

What time will I have to go to bed?

  • We will be outside in the sea air for much of the day, we expect everyone will get tried.
  • We will judge bedtime by how we all feel and what is planned for the next day.

I am nervous about showering with other people, will I have to?

  • No, the showers are individual and can be locked by the user from inside.

Can I bring sweets or snacks for journey?

  • Yes, this is fine and might help some people for the journey, but please be sensible about the amounts provided and content of the food.
  • There is a shop (Co-op) on the island and we will do regular visits throughout the week.

I take medication, what should I do?

  • We will be happy to help pupils with administering the medication.
  • Could Parents/Carers please speak directly to Mrs Farrell (tel: 0121 748 9760) to ensure the correct procedures have been followed.

What if someone’s behaviour is causing a problem?

  • Initially Mr White and the team will manage issues whilst on the trip without worrying any other people unnecessarily.
  • If it would be of help for pupils to speak to their parents/carers this can be arranged.
  • It may be necessary to transport someone home if their behaviour is causing a health and safety risk to themselves or others.

Will I be sleeping in the same room as other people?

  • Pupils will be in bunk beds and a maximum of 3 other pupils in the room.
  • Staff bedrooms will be on the same landings as the pupil rooms.

What if I can’t swim and I’m a bit worried about the sea?

  • Our risk assessment will not allow pupils to place themselves at any significant risk.
  • We intend to take the pupils swimming before we go away to Tiree for our staff to assess their swimming capabilities.
  • If you are worried about playing in the sea, then some staff will paddle in the small waves or play on the beach with you.

Can I bring inflatable items to play with in the sea?

  • No, the Coast Guard recommendation is that such items can prove dangerous in the sea, due to currents and wind.

I have heard there are sharks near Tiree, is this true?

  • Yes, however, the sharks are Basking Sharks which only eat plankton and are not dangerous to people.
  • It will be an amazing experience for all us if we are able to see one.

What other wildlife might I see?

  • Grey Seals
  • Sea otters
  • Crabs
  • Basking Sharks (not dangerous)
  • Sea birds
  • Hares

What if the weather is too bad to do the activities?

  • The water activities provided are mostly done on a loch (inland lake) so tricky sea conditions will not affect us.