Northern House Sharks Race to Victory!

A selection of Yr9 students took part in the fourth annual Soapbox Derby at Shenstone Lodge school last week. They were successful in winning the overall fastest soapbox with their shark entry.

The students had been working  tirelessly after school to build the soapbox which was based on the chassis of an old go kart. The rules stipulated that the soapbox could not be powered and had to navigate a downhill course and a fast course.

At the start of the event, the soapbox's wheel fell off and the students had to think quickly and work as a team to solve the problem and get the soapbox race-ready. 

It ended successfully with the Shark triumphing over the more experienced Shenstone Lodge team.

A special thankyou to Mr Roberts for his invaluable steering advice and to Mr Benson at Shenstone Lodge School.