Diamond Trips

When a pupil earns every single point during a day we issue them with a Diamond Day certificate to celebrate what is in effect a perfect day. Pupils get an immediate reward of a snack or drink which they collect as they leave the school.

Those pupils that earn ten Diamond Day certificates within one half-term are then rewarded with a trip out to Melbicks Garden Centre where they are given the opportunity to choose food and a drink from the Costa Coffee café. The pupils are expected to interact with the staff and the general public in an appropriate manner during their time in the café; choosing their reward, ordering it, waiting patiently if it is hot food and socialising together.

I was very pleased today to be taking so many of our pupils out on the Diamond Reward Trip:

Miss D Morrison and I were joined by thirteen pupils ranging from Year 7 right through to Year 11, including Harley, Cameron, Marcus, Jayson and Ryan.

All thirteen pupils were exemplary in their behaviour and enjoyed their food and drinks. We were then able to visit the tropical fish shop and choose a number of fish for our community fish tank.

Trevor Scott