Rules and Guidelines

We have only one rule and it applies to pupils at all schools:

Be Safe, Be Sensible


Pupils are rewarded for safe and sensible behaviour and face consequences if ever their behaviour is either unsafe or not sensible.

  • Rewards come in the form of daily credits that pupils can exchange for free time, items from our online credit shop, trips offsite, or other treats suggested by the Student Council. Parents will always be informed when a pupil behaves in an exemplary way or completes an outstanding piece of schoolwork.


  • Consequences can include making reparations, losing free time, or periods of exclusion in school or, exceptionally, at home

Parents will always be informed about behaviour so poor that it leads to any of these consequences.


What types of behaviour are considered unsafe?

  • running around the school

  • any form of aggression, including making threats, bullying
    and hurtful teasing

  • bringing prohibited items to school eg tobacco, alcohol or any other non-prescribed drug

  • any act that is likely to cause harm to the pupil or any other

What types of behaviour are not considered sensible?

  • refusal to follow the instructions of a member of staff

  • disrupting the learning of others

  • failure to complete work set in class or homework

  • failure to wear school uniform

  • refusal to hand in mobile phones or other electronic devices on arrival at school


One question often asked by parents is this:

"Will my child be prevented from taking part in activities in school or outside school because of poor behaviour?"

The answer is categorically NO. Every pupil is entitled to full access to the curriculum and we do everything we can to support each pupil to do this.

The only exception to this is when a child is deemed UNSAFE to include in any activity. In such instances, the decision to exclude from that activity will be the result of a proper risk assessment which will be shared with the parents.


Our duty of care for the health and safety of every member of the school community and for members of the public with whom we may come into contact overrides everything else.