Year 6 to Year 7 Transition

Throughout pupils’ time here at Northern House School  (Solihull), we aim to prepare pupils for later life. An important part of this process is when pupils transition from the Primary Division (Year 6), to the Secondary Division (Year 7). This process starts earlier than most may think, as pupils from Year 4 upwards at Northern House School (Solihull) begin to take part in lessons which are taught by our Secondary specialist teachers (Science, P.E, Art, Food Technology, Design Technology and ICT). Pupils already build relationships with these teachers each week throughout their time in the Primary Division and we find this helps pupils to smoothly move from Year 6 to Year 7.

In addition to this, pupils in Year 6 take part in additional roles to help them develop a sense of maturity such as helping serve dinners at lunch time, organising small Primary Division events (Easter egg hunts / on-site reward events etc.) We find this develops Year 6 pupil’s ability to be more responsible which is an expectation when being part of the Secondary Division at Northern House School (Solihull).

Here at Northern House School (Solihull), we enjoy collaborative lessons and opportunities where both the Primary and Secondary Divisions can take part in activities and events together. We have special days such as Red Nose Day and on occasion’s activities where pupils from Year 6 and Year 7 take part.

Here at Northern House School (Solihull) we always support pupils individual needs and therefore our transitions day(s) into Year 7 vary with each individual. Pupils will spend a minimum of one day in Year 7 to support their transition into the Secondary School. We can also support pupils should they need a longer transition period, to suit their needs.

We always aim for our Year 6 pupils to, Believe, Achieve, Succeed.

Northern House School (Solihull) Senior Leadership Team